Nivara Home Finance

The genesis of Nivara Home Finance Limited is traced to C V Rao and Sunil Rohokale, professional colleagues for two decades and veterans in the retail banking industry, primarily in the housing finance & real estate sectors.

It all started over a telephonic conversation between the two during the Spring of 2014 where both felt the need to pursue their passion; leverage their experience and unique ideas to create a lasting, well-respected organization in the affordable housing finance business. Subsequently, the company Nivara Home Finance Limited was born and has as its promoters C V Rao, Sunil Rohokale and a group of like-minded professionals having decades of rich experience in this field.

"Nivara" - A word made up of the Sanskrit verb " नि + वृ " (Ni + Vru), means to cover, shelter, haven etc.

One of the three basic needs of humans, viz. Food, Clothing and Shelter (अन्न, वस्त्र, निवारा), a place which not only fulfils the basic function of protecting us from rain, snow, cold, heat, storm etc., but also nurtures an atmosphere necessary for a sound overall development of mankind.

Nivara Home Finance Ltd. has been created with an intention to provide home loans and participate in the overall development of mankind.

Nivara was incorporated on December 02, 2014 under The Companies Act, 2013 with an objective to provide home loans mainly to the informal sector of urban India. Later, the company commenced its operations in October 2015 after obtaining the necessary Certificate of Registration from the National Housing Bank (NHB) in September 2015.

The company is driven by its strong values with compliance to the highest standards of Corporate Governance. With the experience and guidance of the Board, Nivara is committed to bring in revolutionary changes in the affordable housing finance segment. Nivara has its headquarters in Bengaluru with an initial scope of operations in the state of Karnataka before embarking on its journey of stamping a national footprint.